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Default Grayling from Winter rivers

As we are in the month of December its time for a new river thread , thanks for all who have posted or even viewed the last ones .

To get things started I had a very good day out on my local river , river was fining down in the lower reaches .

A warmer day than the last week or so , only noticed 1 rise all day , my set up was a Hends GPX 10 foot 3 weight , leader 20 foot of Seaguar Fluorocarbon in a diameter of 0.28 , tippet 7 foot of Fluorocarbon ,0.14 diameter , flies used today Red Tag Hares Ears on the point and a Hares Ear tied on a grub hook with a flashy rib .

First few pools were fantastic , grayling seemed in the mood , nothing fancy just dead drifting and leading the flies , I stayed around half a hour in the best pools and pleased to say most pools produced fish .

Smaller glides were fished in shorter time spans , grayling seemed further back and in the tail and middle parts of the water , in the end I am not concentrating on the heads of the pools ,unless I see a feature that might get my attention .

I fished right into the dark , luckily I was right next to the road as I fished a side stream later on in the afternoon .

Overall its been a very good week , 5 days fishing and 2 days resting up , pleased to report I had plenty of grayling , ranging from a few fingerlings , 2 ,3 4 and some 5 year old grayling class .

If your new to Winter grayling fishing don't be shy in asking a few questions as some regular posters will steer you in the right direction , look forward to reading some of the posts as the thread starts to develop .

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