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Default Re: Grayling from Winter rivers

After fishing hard yesterday I fancied a more laid back kind of a day , I ventured onto a stretch of river that is very shallow but does hold lots of grayling , the first spot gets a lot of bait anglers on , lovely pool that as not been the best of swims over the years , gave it a go and ended up with half a dozen grayling ,had another few out of some skinny shallow water .

The river is nearly back to normal levels and is very clear by now , tactics to cast well upstream and hold all the leader off the water , sort of fan cast and dissect the water up so I am not standing in water that may hold fish ,plan is to catch them at distance from all kinds of angles .

Well the method paid off and I must have had a dozen grayling , the banker pools have changed so much , failed in one and had a few from another , the last pool I could not catch grayling on the dead drift so I had another 4 by inducing the take .

The time was 12.15 and I was in two minds to call it a day as it was only was a short session , as I was making my way out of the river I noticed a rise .

I knew I had not taken my dry fly kit with me , I never even had a floating fly line .

Luckily I found 1 dry fly in a hook box that I keep a few nymphs in ,it was a size 16 Parachute dry fly .

Took the nymphs off and tied 3and a half foot of nylon on to the fly , it was a long shot as I only had a 20 foot Fluorocarbon leader , I even left the Hanak Drops indicator on .

The pool was around 8 to 12 inches deep , not fast but with a bit of pace to it with some slower water towards the far bank .

Having done a bit of Tenkara fishing I thought to myself if I can hold all the leader and tippet when possible off the water I might be in with a chance .

Not long after a grayling took the fly , and a few more afterwards to , no grease with me so just false cast and dried the fly on my jumper , the fly was a good floater to be honest .

I managed 9 from that pool ,plus a few more from another likely spot , most grayling came from prospecting the water . As it was shallow the grayling did not need to travel far to intercept the dry fly .

I was over the moon and glad I did my best with what resources I had ,plus a bit of intuition , so I managed plenty on the nymphs and a dozen on the dry flies .

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