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Fish etc
Fish etc
grayling to the red buzzer :)
Grayling in the new net
Yorks grayling
Nice fat lad to end the day
Griffiths gnat - always seem to be able to tempt the ladies
Decent grayling
Gastric band ?
Ladies seemed to enjoy the organza pink shrimp
One of the more open sections of my local beck
First lady of the 2016 season!
mystery upwing - LDO?
nice section of the new river
rare that i do chuck a streamer out - but had biggest wbt to date on this little lad within 3 casts
biggest wbt to date 3lb+ c. 35cm
biggest wbt to date 3lb+ c. 35cm
Cracking day for a go on the new river
Some of Stan's ceramics getting a run
Little brownie to a ceramic
First day on the new river
First brownie of 2016 season
typical Calder brownie
first success with hand-tied dries!
nice little grayling to the PTN
Ure at Bainbridge
anyone know what these are?

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