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The River Pliva - Bosnian Beauty!

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According to Wikipedia "The Pliva river is famous for its clean water, particularly near the source in the mountains and there are many fishes in the river which makes the river an attraction to fishermen, both in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in the region."

Local fly fishing outfitters Zepter Passport pick up the story of this beautiful river inside and invite you to join them and fish for its large graying and brown trout. Sounds good to me!

From Zepter Passport Flyfishing

Grayling from the PlivaSeven kilometers upstream of Sipovo in the village of Pljeva, springs an enchanted beauty - the River Pliva. She was and still is a symbol of health and purity. A leading pharmaceutical company in former Yugoslavia took her name and symbolism as their company logo.

Mighty and cold, crystal clear and pure, the river is fed by three springs. For all passionate fans of fly fishing this beauty will present a great challenge. You wonder why? The answer to this question and all of the rivers secrets are hidden in its depths. Water temperatures are never over 9°C, not even in July and August, the warmest months of the year. Underwater flora and fauna are a special story, and that is the source of this river's magic.

In some parts the river bottom is covered by hundreds of meters of emerald green grass carpets with an explosion of underwater life. For grayling and brown trout living there this represents an abundance of food. A large variety of insects are found on their menu therefore. From several species of gamarus of different sizes, tiny duns, mayflies and sedges, all the way to big stone flies. Like no other river in the region, the Pliva hides lots of grayling over 50 cm! They are a true challenge for any fisherman coming to this river, because one can literally see and count them all, and there are plenty of them, really!

What do these fish eat, what about their activity, you'll ask? For brownies it will not be a problem, and they are present in all sizes, up to 4 kg. They will take the dry fly or nymph. For big grayling the story is a bit different. Big grayling will almost never take a dry fly here, except in the warmest summer months when you might be able to trick them to take an excellent imitation of a brown or black ant.

A beautiful Bosnian brownieThis river has an abundance of food, and big grayling and brownies don't need to go to the surface looking for food. Sometimes, keeping all this in mind, fly fishing on this amazing river can be frustrating. Everything will depend on your knowledge, your approach to this river and the techniques of fly fishing you use. Rods we recommend are mid-flex, 2,75 m ( 9´), and AFTMA 4 or 5.

Fishing is mostly with  long leaders, and tippets must not be more than 0,14 mm in the early season. When water level drops in July or August and fish are more careful, we recommend smaller flies and tippet not more than 0,10 mm. The fishing is strictly "catch and release". The season is from April 1st to November 30th. Top season is from July 1st to October 31st.

These were some of suggestions for successful fly fishing on the Pliva River. This river will give you more than you expect. If you don't catch big fish in the first couple of days, keep your head up, she is just teasing you. With her good vibe and beauty she will make you come again for another unforgettable experience in the heart of Europe!        

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