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Bosnia's sleeping beauties

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As winter comes to an end, the rivers and their resident trout and grayling of Bosnia begin their new season with high expectation. Good spawning conditions over the previous few months also bode well for the future generations of these waters. Find out what you could look forward to if a European excursion may figure in your plans this year!

Early season in BosniaThe fly fishing season on Bosnian rivers has started. Snow is melting slowly on the mountains, and all the rivers are crystal clear with optimum water levels.

The fly fishing regime is the same this year as last, except in some areas where owners made changes in price of daily licenses on rivers Una, Unac and Klokot. Their price for this season is 41 Euro per rod ( last season 34 Euro ). On the rest of the rivers price is same as last year ( 25 Euro ). The reasons for those changes are not quite clear to us, but we hope there will be more fish in those rivers, because prices are raised for domestic fisherman also, and only one fish ( rainbow trout ) is allowed to be taken.

We were out at the opening day on the Ribnik River recently ( February 28th ) with some friends. It was a beautiful and sunny weekend with air temperatures of 15-17ºC and water temperature of 7ºC was a real challenge and joy for nymphing for brown trout and grayling, and from about noon till 3 PM fish were aggressively taking dry fly. There was much action mostly by brown trout about 35 cm and some grayling over 40 cm.

Bosnian GraylingWe are preparing now for the opening day on the Pliva River, on April 4th. The fly fishing area on this river for this season will be about 6 km ( last year was 2 km ). This will be a real challenge for all fly fishers, because Pliva River will now be at its best. There is an abundance of fish ( grayling about 70%, rest is brown trout ), and regime is " catch and release ". Spawn of brown trout this season was optimal because climate and weather ( snow and rain ) were ideal. There were no big ups and downs in water level so young trout survived in great numbers. We are hoping that the spawn of grayling will also go well this season. We have information that the spawn of brown trout was successful also on rivers Sanica, Krusnica and Una. One could see young trout all over our rivers as well as grayling schools looking for spawning positions.

Unac River has lots of big rainbow trouts as well as brown trout, and same goes for the fly fishing area on Klokot River. Rivers and nature in West Bosnia are beautiful as much as people are hospitable there.

We should only listen to that magical beat of nature and enjoy in her beauty. Join us this year and experience the best of Bosnia with us at Zepter Passport Fly Fishing.

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