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Norway's North-South Salmon Divide

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Norway's Salmon Catch Trend 2002-2013 Norway's Salmon Catch Trend 2002-2013

This summer I had the great pleasure of travelling by car from the Numedal river in the south east of Norway all the way to the Malselv in Troms in the north.

During this spectacular 1,000 mile journey we crossed some jaw- droppingly beautiful rivers such as the ice-blue Rana and the emerald-green Beiarn. Heartbreakingly, several rivers we saw such as the Driva and mighty Vefsna river are infected by the deadly parasite Gyrodactylis salaris and off limits but they are being treated.

Even the famous and stunning salmon fishing rivers Orkla and Gaula of South-Trondelag have this year announced new catch & release measures to help preserve salmon stocks. In fact, it was only after we reached the county of Nordland (about half way up Norway) and neared the Arctic Circle did salmon fishing confidence amongst the anglers we met improve. On my return I pondered this and plotted the Salmon rod catch returns to see what they would tell us. And they clearly show what the conversations on our journey indicated – Norway has a salmon north-south divide!

Here are the rod catch figures of Norwegian counties starting in the far north and working southwards around the coast.

Graph of salmon catches in Finnmark


Graph of salmon catches in Toms Norway


Graph of salmon catches in Nordland Norway


Graph of salmon catches in Nord-Trondelag Norway


Graph of salmon catches in Sor-Trondelag Norway










Norway's Salmon Rivers to watch!:

  • Vestre Jakob River (Finnmark)
  • Langfjord River (Finnmark)
  • Lakselv River (Finnmark)
  • Kongsfjord River (Finnmark)
  • Komag River (Finnmark)
  • Stabburselv River (Finnmark)
  • Tana River (Finnmark)
  • Neiden River (Finnmark)
  • Børselv River (Finnmark)
  • Repparfjord River (Finnmark)
  • Alta River (Finnmark)
  • Malselv (Troms)
  • Reisa (Troms)


Map of salmon rivers of Norway


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