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Fishing outside the UK

Patagonia Austral Fly Fishing

After working for seven years with LOOP and Solid Adventures the fly fishing guide Juan Manuel Biott, born and raised in South Patagonia, has decided to move on and start his own company. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Isn’t it Good, Norwegian Wood

Norway... Sparsely populated; beautiful, unspoilt scenery; miles of river and hundreds of lakes teeming with huge grayling, trout, perch and pike. How can you possibly resist such temptation? Take your rod and Laurent Guillermin will guide you… ... Full story

The Arctic Experience

Some stunning fly fishing for Arctic brown trout and salmon in these films, via Arctic Silver Innovation. ... Full story

Fish the Fifty

The setting of a challenge to fish - and more importantly catch a fish - in all fifty states of the USA was surely madness... but for two Brits, Jonathan Bell and Richie Owens it was 'game on' and you can now join in and read their exploits as they attempt to 'Fish the Fifty' ... Full story

Iceland, A Return to Northern Latitudes

Despite a delayed spring bringing a few challenges Alex Jardine enjoys his return to the Laxardal trout beats in Iceland. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Shad: The Silver Arrows of Avignon

In the Durance River near the town of Avignon, shad are concentrated in large quantities from April to June below a famous weir called “Callet”! These powerful fighters jump out of the water like silver arrows and love to take a fly in the strong currents of this beautiful river! ... Full story

Rod & Rucksack - Bolivia

Bolivia's Big Gold Fish. Although the 4th episode in the series, this was the first location we filmed, and possibly the most challenging. The river we planned to fish was three days horse trek into a very remote cloud forest on the Bolivian, Argentinian and Brazilian borders. ... Full story

Rod & Rucksack - Panama

The third episode of Rod & Rucksack saw host Guy Elson travel out to the tropical paradise and sport fishing heaven of Panama. With plans to learn to spearfish and hunt a yellowfin tuna, all did not go strictly according to plan! ... Full story

Rod & Rucksack - Mongolia

The second episode of the fishing travelogue Rod & Rucksack aired on Quest last night, and in this episode host Guy Elson made the long trip by plane, car and horse to a remote corner of Mongolia to target the enigmatic taimen and sample the local culture. ... Full story

Rod & Rucksack - Canada

So the first episode of Quest TV's new fishing show 'Rod & Rucksack' has premiered and as promised we have an exclusive article written by the host, Guy Elson, telling us more about the destination for this first show - Canada, and his adventures there. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - The Pursuit of Big Trophy Brown Trout

"All the fly anglers I meet along the rivers want to become an accomplished trophy trout angler but a few things are essential to being successful. You should be prepared for short nights and long days to spend a large part of your free time to catch fish of these sizes." Laurent Guillermin talks about big brown trout this month. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Winter French Nymphing

There is an undeniable fact: “French Nymphing” is gaining more and more adherents because of its great effectiveness. During the cold season, it is useless to search for large graylings in the small veins of water or in the riffles! The finest specimens are always feeding in regular and deep currents where a good amount of water gives them both food and security. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Asp; The Poor Man's Tarpon

Have you heard about the Asp? It is a European freshwater fish of the Cyprinid family, protected by the Bern Convention of endangered species and habitats. Normally asps are between 10 to 80 centimetres in length, with some reaching 120 and weighing up to 12 kg. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Large Moving Flies for Pike

When the trees are adorned with their finest yellow and orange colours, autumn reminds us that it is time to fly fish for pike. What is more exciting than casting a big fly to a pike chasing a school of baitfish on a chilly and brisk morning? Large rivers and lakes are an excellent playground for those who want to live magical moments! ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - The Golden Trout of 'Le Martinet'

Within an area of 5 hectares, “Le Martinet” welcomes you in an exceptional setting where calm, tranquillity and nature reigns. Two lakes with a total area of 2.7 hectares and a beautiful stone house and restaurant mark this superb location. The fishery is located in the small village of Ney in Jura that historically belonged to the Free County of Burgundy, known in French as the Franche-Comté. Dole was the capital until the region was conquered by Louis XIV and it was moved to Besançon. The “Ain” river that crosses the village is also a top venue for fly fishers! ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Italian Trout on the Tanaro

The Tanaro is the largest tributary of the Po River, which flows into the Adriatic Sea in Italy. This river of about fifteen meters wide has enormous potential and is a fishery that attracts anglers from all Europe, drawn by its reputation for plenty of large brown and rainbow trout for fly fishers to enjoy. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - When the Mullet Takes the Fly

Mullet are very common along our shores in France but unknown to fly anglers. This fantastic fighter is only rarely caught with nymphs despite a massive presence of good-sized specimens. It is on the coastline of Charente-Maritime renowned for its abundant sunlight, that I propose to make my attempt. Patience will be required! ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - March, What's On The Menu?

March warm-ups are excellent times to trout fly fish in Europe and in France it is the great trout opening time! For some anglers including myself, this particular day of fishing brings back some nostalgic memories. Nevertheless, you must be well prepared so that your chances of success at catching good trout turns to reality… ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Perch and Fly is Worth a Try!

Every winter, when the ice is blocking the rings of my fly rod, I cannot resist the urge to seek out the orange color trails that lead to impressive perch attacks! These fish are in top form this time of year and continue to feed on bleak and roach who gather in certain areas of the river where the current forms large meanders. ... Full story

Fly Fishing in Europe - Winter Grayling Sport

For avid grayling fly fishers or for those wanting the ultimate winter grayling fly fishing, there is no better place than the large French rivers! In fact, I have caught in the Rhone river grayling over 50 cm and one huge specimen of 60 cm! Bigger than the ones from Slovenia or from Lapland where I have been fly fishing several times. For grayling, you can choose to explore the Rhone, the Rhin or the famous Dordogne near Bergerac. ... Full story

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