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Withern Mill Trout Farm

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Withern Mill has 5 lakes and a 1/2 mile of river to fish. Withern Mill has 5 lakes and a 1/2 mile of river to fish.

Fly Forums member "the poacher" sends in a rave review of a visit to Withern Mill Trout Farm nested deep in the Lincolnshire countryside near Alford.

While on a fishing holiday in Lincolnshire I came across this great little fishery in the Lincolnshire countryside called Withern Mill Trout Farm.

I had spoken to the owners who let me fish from 6 o'clock in the morning. I actually started fishing about 06:40 and within 10 minutes I was into my first fish which felt as though I had hooked into a freight train.

Fishing very light as for me there's great sport in it, there was no way I could stop it. All it did was fight for nearly 15 minutes and every time I got close to netting the fish it just went screeming off again. I've never known fish quite as fit or as in such good condition. It was a real eye-opener seeing as I am a young Norfolk angler who spends a lot of time fishing for fish that seem not to be interested and don't fight anywhere near as hard as Withern's fish.

Throughout the day I had over 15 fish all over the 3lb mark. I highly recommend a visit to this fishery as soon as possible. It's one of those small scale operations that isnt widely publicised and is a hidden gem of Lincolnshires beautiful countryside.

So I urge you to pay a visit to Withern Mill - it's an experience not to be missed!


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