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The Peaks River Diaries - Sitting and Looking

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The Peaks River Diaries - Sitting and Looking

In his latest Peaks River Diary entry David Johnson is just sitting and looking...









There’s a spot where Isit, looking down over a rocky shallow under a large willow tree. I sit there probably 2 or 3 times a week watching the water.

Brown trout have exquisite camouflage on this section of river, they melt in to the stream bed like army snipers, on maneuvers. Their markings perfectly disguising them amongst the rocks and gravel and you rarely see the fish, even just a few feet away, only the rise is visible.

A small brown trout used this rocky shallow earlier in the year as a feeding lie and interestingly it would only rise to large dark olive duns. I watched caddis, mayflies and crane flies drift over this fish’s nose without so much as a sniff, every time a large dark olive drifted over its window it rose superbly to take.

The large dark olives are hatching again now, providing a cause to rise for trout who in a few months will be starting to spawn. The large dark olive is a very common fly, inhabiting most of the streams and rivers in the UK. Trout and grayling rise freely to the duns as well as feeding on the nymphs as they start to hatch subsurface.

As for the trout mentioned at the beginning of the article, he was caught on a kite’s imperial, in hindsight it would have been interesting to see if he would have risen to a caddis or a daddy with him being so impervious to the naturals.

Next time I see a fish like this I am going to go out of my way not to match the hatch!




About the author

Dave Johnson lives near Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District, where he has been fly fishing since childhood.

He is manager of Peaks Fly Fishing and helps run the Birchinlee Fly Fishing Club. Dave is also brand director for Harkers Fishing and a keen fly fishing writer, contributing to various print and online publications.

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