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Chalkstreams – It’s Looking Good!

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Simon Cooper is encouraged - it's not all doom and gloom on our chalkstreams Simon Cooper is encouraged - it's not all doom and gloom on our chalkstreams

The recent Wild Trout Trust Awards brought it home to Simon Cooper that here is some really great stuff happening on our chalkstreams.





There is some really great stuff happening on our chalkstreams…

I know it is easy to get carried along with the no fly life/abstraction/pollution school of thought but for all those undoubted problems the rivers are certainly in better condition than when I threw open the doors to ‘Fishing Breaks’ 25 years ago.

There are all sorts of bodies looking out for our interests. As I have written about before the privatisation of the water industry and the subsequent environmental EU legislation has given us many cudgels with which to beat offenders. Individually it is hard (I know…) but the combined efforts of organisations such as the Atlantic Salmon Trust, Salmon & Trout Association, Angling Trust, the Wild Trout Trust plus many local associations and trusts are doing great things.

All that said nobody should pretend everything in the garden is rosy. However at the Wild Trout Trust Awards in London earlier in the month the range and diversity of projects that are turning things around is amazing to see. They ranged from multi-million state funded work to local clubs whose sole funding was the hard work of the members.


Click HERE to read the BBC report of how Manchester’s brick lined River Medlock was transformed for wild trout.

There were winners in all categories but my particular favourite was the story related by the Burnley team on the day of the judging.

Apparently the town has 36 traffic wardens, with the river running alongside the car parks they police. On the day of judging, eager not to detain the judges, the team didn't bother with buying tickets for their trucks which carry the Trust's name and the project on the sides.  Sure enough when they returned there was a traffic warden hovering beside the vehicles. They feared the worst he came bustling up to them, a man with a mission.

“Hey you”, he said “Can one of your show me where to spot all these wild brown trout everyone's been telling me about?”

If you can win the heart of a traffic warden the rest of the nation will not be far behind.

To read more about the Wild Trout Trust click HERE

Flyfishing.co.uk is delighted to bring you Simon’s feature, which was first published in his ‘Fishing Breaks’ Newsletter.

Simon’s company, Fishing Breaks, based in the heart of the River Test Valley, offers some of the finest chalk stream fly fishing available in the UK – and a whole lot more. Check out their website HERE

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