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Comparadun Wulff

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I get tired sometimes of tying Wulffs with the split calf's tail wing - it takes such a long time! So, I decided to import the comparadun wing style, and this fly is the result. It also means that you can tie it smaller than a true Wulff - giving you a much increased range.

Fish it at any time - it lands rather gently, despite the apparent size and weight, and fish will rise quite freely to it.


Hook: Ashima F15 sizes 10 to 16 (even 18 if you have the courage!)
Silk: Tan 8/0
Tail: Calf tail - colour of your choice, although I suggest brown or black
Abdomen and Thorax infront of the wing: cream tapestry silk - separate out two strands only.
Wing: deer hair tied on top of the shank.


Tie in a sparse bunch of calf tail and then tie in the two strands of tapestry silk. Take the thread up to the front of the abdomen and tie in a moderate bunch of deer hair - having stacked it first. Bring the tapestry silk up to the wing and then wind it on in front of the wing to the eye. Now bring it back and use the thickness of the tapestry silk to push the deer hair upright. Tie off in front of the wing or at the head - your choice. Finally, arrange the deer hair in a 180 degree fan on top of the hook - be rough, it can stand it. That gives you the comparadun wing, and the Wulff body is there to attract the fish.

Tied by David Westwood.

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