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Blood & Black Nymph

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I created this fly because I found that a touch of red in the makeup of any dark fly adds to its attraction. This is a really simple pattern, but can be fished anywhere at the beginning of the season. Tie it on the point, or on the middle dropper, and it will produce the goods. Best fished upstream and across; weighted on the point, or unweighted on the dropper.


Hook: Ashima F40 sizes 14 to 18
Silk: Black 8/0
Abdomen: black fine dubbing
Rib: fine red midge floss
Thorax: black dubbing tied to straggle a bit - use your Velcro on a stick to tease it out.


It could not be simpler. Just tie on at the the abdomen and tie in the rib. Dub and then twist tightly. Dub the abdomen and then apply the rib - 2 or 3 turns only. Tie off and trim the rib. Tie in the abdomen making it more bulbous and shaggy. Tie off and finish.

Tied by David Westwood.

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