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F Fly

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One of the most simple yet effective flies I have ever come across. The way I tie it is slightly different from the original, but it works very well indeed.


Hook: Ashima F15 sizes 12 to 22
Body: Tying silk in the colour of your choice
Wing: Cul de Canard feathers tied in back to back and extending behind the hook bend (slightly)


Tie on the silk and then, in touching turns, take it toe the rear (above the barb).

Now take it back two-thirds of the way to the eye. Tie in between four and six CdC feathers and tie them down creating at the same time a thorax in front of the wing.

Fish this everywhere - try different colours and sizes and it will bring results every time. You can also tie it with a hare's ear guard fibre tail and a smooth abdomn of hare's ear, with a rough thorax. This can also be ribbed with fine gold wire.

Tied by David Westwood.

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