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vK Special

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This is a fly of which I wrote extensively in Trout and Salmon, and which is a perfect searching fly in the film. Cast it out and just watch the result. Fish static. Gink the wing ONLY.


Hook: Partridge K12ST (or whatever they now call this hook) sizes 10 to 20. Use you fingers to bend the hook at the end of the thorax about 20 degrees down.

Thread: Tan 8/0

Abdomen: Tie on the thread near the rear of the fly and then apply tan dubbing to make the abdomen. The abdomen should get thicker as you approach the rear of the abdomen.
Thorax: tie in two strands of peacock herl and then go half way to the eye.


Tie in a post wing of polypropylene yarn - you can use any colour really, but I usually use white or orange fluo. Wind the peacock herl up to behind the post wing and then tie in a longish soft grey dun or grizzle hackle.

Wind the peacock herl forward to the eye, and then wind it back again, and secure with three or four turns around the post wing.

It is important at this point to leave the thread BEHIND the wing. Trim off the peacock, and wind the hackle three or four times around the post wing. Secure with three or four turns around the wing, and tie off either around the post wing (a horizontal whip knot) or, if that is a little complicated, hold the hackle up and run the thread to the eye and whip finish there.

Tied by David Westwood.

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