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Plybus Otter

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Hook: Ashima F40 sizes 10 to 16
Silk: Orange 8/0 Unithread
Underbody: fine lead wire laid with room for the head
Body: Lureflash Superbug Yarn Light Tups
Hackle: a small white cock hackle


Lay down the lead wire in a single layer, making sure you leave enough room for the hackle.

Tie in one starnd of Superbug yarn and take the thread to the head. Wind on the Yarn and tie in.

Tie on the hackle and put on two turns, stroking the fibres back.


The range of sizes of the fly allow you to fish it as a point fly or as a dropper. Whatever, the fly works well for grayling at this time of the year, and is also very good for trout at all times. I find it fishes best on the point, but I have a client who uses a size 14 on the middle dropper, and he tells me the fish queue up for it. Couldn't ask for more!

Tied by David Westwood.

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