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Deer Hair Caddis

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This fly is one that can be tied, rather like its simple cousin the F-Fly, in any colour you wish. It is a really good fast water fly, but can also be made to skate on the slower waters and the chalk streams. Use as any dry fly, and because it sits in the surface, you can use it with confidence when the fish are sipping. Try it also on stillwaters and lakes.


Hook: Ashima F15 sizes 10 to 18
Thread: 8/0 to match body colour
Body colour: I find the best colours are olive, golden olive, yellow olive and black, but these are personal preferences. Try it in pillar box red on the Irish Loughs.
Wing: Deer Hair


Start the thread at the eye and lay down a base of thread for the wing before wrapping loose turns down to the rear. Dub on your chosen colour and take it to 3mm short of the eye. Cut a small bunch of deer hair and level the tips with a deer hair stacker. Tie on the deer hair as a wing. The base of thread laid down initially will stop the deer hair spinning. Trim off and fish.

Tied by David Westwood.

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