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Black Tadpole

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This is a really good fly, either in black, or any of the olives.


Hook: Ashima F25 2x long shank
Thread: black for black tadpoles etc
Weighting the fly: can be weighted to the extent you want it to sink and the speed of retrieval
Tail: black marabou bunch about 10 to 15 mm long - it wants to swish sexily in the water
Body: EITHER (1) the rest of the marabou from the tail wrapped around the shank to the head, or just to the rear of the thorax, with a black chenille thorax OR (2) black chenille for the whole body OR (3) black marabou for the whole body
Rib: oval silver tinsel for the abdomen only in (1), or all the fly for (2) and (3)

This is a fly that needs to be retrieved and the rate is up to you. I find that a pull of three or four inches followed by a short pause is quite effective. On Raygill one day I had seven fish with seven casts to the olive version (with an oval gold rib).

Tied by David Westwood.

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