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Orange Goldhead

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Hook: Ashima F40 sizes 8 to 14
Thread: Orange Unithread 8/0
Tail: Orange goose fibre tied relatively short
Abdomen: the rest of te orange fibres wrapped
Rib: Gold tinsel or wire (depending on size)
Hackle: Golden olive cock
Thorax: Gold Bead
Wing: case the final ends of the orange feather fibre used for tail and abdomen


Put the bead on then tie in four or five fibres from an orange dyed goose primary infront of the bead. Tie off and cut off. Start the silk again behind the bead and draw the goose feather fibres over the bead to the rear. Tie in the goose fibres, trim and then take the silk to the rear.

Tie in another four or five orange goose fibres for the tail, leaving the stems for the abdomen.

Tie in the rib. Wind the goose fibres around the abdomen up to the bead and secure there. Wind on the rib, secure and cut off the surplus gold tinsel or wire.

Tie in the hackle and put on two turns. Tie off and trim.

Extra note

The fly can be tied in a number of colours to suit the needs of the water and the day. My favourite base colours are orange (of course), yellow, olive (all shades) and black. It can also work well on a dropper in white or white with a silver abdomen.


Fish the fly on a slow to medium retrieve, allowing the bead to cause the fly to dive a little - so don't strip it.

Tied by David Westwood.

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