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Goldhead Damsel

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This is a fly I would never be without on a stillwater, and it fishes well all the year round. Its dipping and rising action on a jerky retrieve makes it a target for even quite lethargic fish in the cold of the winter, and its mobility allows it to appear to be all things to all fish.


Hook: Ashima longshank F25 or F30 sizes 8 to 14
Thread: Unithread 8/0 olive
Head: 3mm or 4 mm gold bead
Tail: Marabou fibres slightly longer than the hook shank
Body: The butts of the marabou fibres used for the tail
Rib: Oval gold tinsel


This fly has another advantage - it is very simple to tie. Size hook and bead and put the bead on the hook. Set on the thread behind the bead and tie in the pre-cut marabou. I find golden olive to be the very best, but any olive seems to have an attration for the fish.

Tie in the rib and run the thread up to the rear of the bead. Wind the rest of the marabou roughly around the shank up to the head. Wind on the rib - 3 or 4 turns is enough, tie in, trim and finish.

Tied by David Westwood.

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