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Flexifloss Buzzer

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This is another buzzer, but the use of flexifloss will allow you to keep it slim - which is the whole point of buzzers. Tie it in any colour you wish - just make sure the breathers at the thorax contrast well - for this you can also use holographic medium tinsel (wide for the larger patterns). Fish static. I find the best method to be to fish a long leader with two buzzers - one on the point, one on the middle dropper, and tie on a dry, very buoyant fly on the top dropper - which gives you a sighter.


Hook: Ashima F50 sizes 10 to 18 (yes, small buzzers work too)
Thread: 8/0 to match the flexifloss colour
Abdomen: Flexifloss
Thorax: Flexifloss
Breathers: Flexifloss or other contrasting material. This is where metallic tinsels work well.


Start the thread at the rear of the thorax and tie in tightly two strands of your chosen abdomen colour (if you want stripes, tie in two different colours). Holding the flexifloss really taught (stretching it) wind the thread own to the lowest point you can get to, tie a couple of security turns, and then return the thread to the first position. Wind the flexifloss around the hook at about 30 degrees towards the thorax (ie not straight across the hook) keeping it stretched. Lessen the stretching as you approach the thorax.

At the thorax tie in firmly, and decide what colour you want the thorax to be. If it is to be the same as the abdomen, go to the next step. If you want to change colours, trim off the old flexifloss and tie in the new colour.

Now, on each side of the fly tie in the material for the breathers. I find the easiest method is to cut a good length of whatever you are going to use and tie in the ends, leaving a loop facing the rear of the hook. Wrap the thorax, building it up a little to contrast with the abdomen. Now tie off and pull the breather loop forward to the eye. Tie in, trim off everything.

Tied by David Westwood.

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