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The Sparkler Charlie

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by Simon Young

This fly came about after I read an article in a US magazine about anglers spinning for bonefish.

It occurred to me that a very bright version of the proven Crazy Charlie could be tried.

Several samples were tied, both in the silver/pearl and gold/pearl versions, and these were given to friends who were going to the Bahamas for bonefish.

They proved a great success, particularly the gold version. So much so that on two different trips the guides were asking where the flies came from and could they have some more!

The dressing

Hook: Size 6 or 8 Tiemco TMC 811S
Thread: Tan or white 6/0 Unithread
Eyes: Gold or silver dumbells
Underbody: 1 strand of silver or gold holographic tinsel in open turns
Overbody: Wound clear vinyl rib touching turns superglued over
Wing: A mix of gold or silver tinsel with pearl flashabou

Hint: I always tie in the wing and fold it back on itself for added durability

You will also notice that I also put a small amount of 2 pack epoxy in front of the eyes - this
prevents the fly snagging on coral or stones

For those of you that do not wish to tie this fly it is now in the Fulling Mill range that can be purchased from our online store.

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