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Grayling Caddis

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by Simon Young

Here is a nice simple "Peeping Caddis" pattern for winter grayling which works well in all water colours.

In fact it has also taken trout, sea trout and salmon for me on several occasions.

By "tipping" the rod tip during the retrieve it imparts a subtle but deadly pulsing action to the hackle at the butt.

The dressing

Hook: 10 strong wet fly
Thread: Black 8/0 Unithread
Split shot: No. 1 mounted in a nylon loop
Grub body: Pink No. 2  Globrite suede chenille black painted end
Butt hackle: Brown partridge
Body: Peacock black Glister
Rib: Fine copper or red wire

Mount the split shot on the hook first and superglue the tying, lead wire can be added at this stage to really get the fly down when the water is very cold and deep.

Prepare several Globrite bodies at once well in advance as they took a long time to harden,

I used some old thick black Hammerite paint.

Tie in the grub body. Wind the rear facing hackle. Tie in the rib.

Dub the glister body. Wind the rib forward and whip finish in front of split shot.

For a variation try Globrite Lime Green No. 12 chenille.

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