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The Blushing Banana

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This "fly" was an attempt to imitate a fluoro dyed maggot that would sink like a stone for winter grayling fishing. I've caught some good sized grayling and trout with the fly. Not to mention a couple of salmon plus half a dozen sea trout.

I use the term "fly" very loosely because there is very little tying involved!


Hook:  Any heavy grub hook 10 or 12
Body:  Wrapped lead wire, painted white
Overbody:  Glo-brite No. 2 Pink floss


Start by winding heavy lead wire along the hook shank over a bed of superglue, coat wth superglue and allow to dry.

Next paint with white paint. I use white Hammerite which is nice and opaque. Allow at least 24 hours to dry.

Next overwrap the painted body with the Glo-brite floss in touching turns for 2 layers, whip finish behind the eye.

Finally coat the finished body with superglue, allow to dry then overcoat with clear varnish.

A simple construction but involves a lot of waiting to dry sessions, so I would suggest preparing a few in batches.

Tight Lines and Happy New Year

Simon Young

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