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Gold Head Bibio

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by Simon Young

This fly was introduced to me by my good fishing friend John Grey and has proved its worth on several occasions - from loch salmon in Ireland to big sea trout in Argentina. It works well on both floating and sinking lines.


Hook: Strong Wet Fly 10
Bead: 3.5 or 4mm Gold bead
Thread: Black 8/0 Unithread
Rib: Fine Silver oval tinsel
Body: Black & Fl Red Seals fur or Substitute
Body hackle: Palmered low grade cock (Black)
Head Hackle: Low grade cock or Hen hackle (Black)

The Dressing

First mount the bead onto the hook and secure with superglue, allow to dry.

Next tie in the ribbing material.

Dub black fur for 1 third of the hook shank followed by 1 third red then last third of black.

Tie in the body hackle and wind down the shank towards the hook bend, trap in the last turn with the rib and wind the rib forward to just behind the bead.

Tie in the rib securely and trim away the waste end.

Tie in the hen hackle and wind 1 or 2 turns and tie off.

Do a neat whip finish behind the bead


I find it helpful to smear a small amount of varnish on the thread before doing the final whip finish, then stroke the hen hackle backwards with the left hand while holding the whip finish tool with the right one.

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