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Moose Maine Crayfish - Part 2

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Here are the final steps in tying the Moose Maine Crayfish which began in Part 1!

5. Then tie in around 4 inches of vinyl rib with the long end facing the eye of the hook.

Next fold the moose mane over the top of the fly being careful not to grasp the shorter pieces that were first tied in as feelers.




6. After folding the moose mane over the top tie it off loosely right where the chenille was tied off and then loosely wrap the thread towards the eye of the hook binding the moose mane down but not so tight as to cause it to flair up.

Then wrap the vinyl rib towards the eye of the hook tightly and close together to form the tail ribbing stop the ribbing around 1/8 of an inch from the eye tie off the rib and trim the excess.


7. Finally take several tight wraps of thread causing the remainder of the moose mane to flair up pull the flared section up towards the top of the hook and trim to form the end of the tail.

Whip-finish (tie-off) the thread off at this point and cement the thread as well as the shell-back that was formed by the moose mane to add durability. Then just go fishing!


8. Thanks Stan! You can contact Stan Fudala by email at grilse@comcast.net or by phone on +1 (603) 472-5002 for more information on this amazing pattern or to book instruction in fly-tying and/or fly-casting if you live in the USA or are just visiting.

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