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The April Fooler

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The April Fooler The April Fooler

By Simon Young

The April FoolerThis fly was devised by someone I worked with 25years ago; it was his theory that early season reservoir trout had so many black lures thrown at them that after a while his catch rate dropped. So like many patterns it was invented after a bit of head scratching at the vice. Fished deep and slow in the first few weeks of the season when the water is cold it is a useful addition to anyone's flybox.

Hook. 8-10 Long shank Lure
Thread. Brown Unithread
Underbody. Lead wire if required
Tail. Fl Pink Antron Yarn
Body. Brown chenille
Rib. None
Wing. Brown Marabou
Beard Hackle. Fl Pink Antron Yarn

The Dressing
Wind lead wire down the hookshank (if required) and secure with superglue, remember to leave enough space at the eye to tie in the wing.
Next, tie in a piece of the Fl Pink Antron yarn for the tail.
Tie in the chenille for the body and wind forward to the eye and secure
Trim away waste chenille..
Tie in another piece of the Antron Yarn for the beard hackle.
Tie in a generous wing of Brown marabou and trim away waste material
Whip finish the head and apply clear varnish..

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