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The Mini Candy

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The Mini Candy The Mini Candy

by Simon Young

With the Mackerel season just starting, now is the time to restock your boxes for the summer bonanza. This simple to tie cut down version of a Surf Candy has proved itself over the last couple of years down on the southern UK coast for mackerel plus the bonus of a couple of bass. 

The Mini Candy - a perfect small baitfish imitation for mackerel, bass and other predators

Hook. Varivas 2600ST-V Size 6 Saltwater hook.
Thread. White 6/0 Unithread or similar.
Tail. Polar White DNA fibres.
Body. Pearl Lureflash body tube or similar braided Mylar.
Top wing. Grey DNA fibres.
Lower wing. Polar White DNA fibres.

First lay a bed of tying thread along the hook shank, ending towards the eye.
Next take a slim bunch of the white DNA fibres and tie in tightly down the shank towards the hook bend, return the thread to the eye position.
Now take the Bodytube material and tease out a loose end, tie this in behind the eye and continue to trap it in along the shank to the bed.
Return the thread to the eye position.
Wind the teased out Body tube material back up towards the eye.
Tie in and then trim away the waste material.
The reason for teasing out the body material before winding up the shank is to keep the body slim.
Carefully coat the wound body with Superglue and allow to dry.
Now tie in a bunch of the grey DNA by tying the bunch in at the centre and folding it back on itself, this ensures that the wing will not pull out during use.
Repeat the process under the hookshank but this time with the white DNA.
Apply a small amount of Super glue to the head with a dubbing needle, it's a good idea to pull the winging materials taught towards the tail when applying the Superglue in case any creeps along the fibres and fixes the wing in a flared out state.
Once the Superglue has cured apply small stick-on holographic eyes either side of the head.
Coat the head with a small amount of clear 2 pack 5 min epoxy such as Z-Poxy remembering to rotate the hook to get an even coverage and stop the resin slumping to one side.
Lastly trim the wing to the desired profile.

I like to fish this fly on an intermediate or slow sink line, varying the retrieve speed to suit the sea conditions or depth the fish are feeding.
Go out and enjoy!

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