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Going Zonkers with Lakeland Fly Tying

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Going Zonkers with Lakeland Fly Tying Going Zonkers with Lakeland Fly Tying

With the traditional trout fishing season over now is the time to diversify through the winter and look to Grayling or if you fancy something larger, Pike!

by Simon Young


Rabbit Zonker strips

Pike like a nice big mouthful of a fly, so start tying with materials that provide a fairly large sinuous profile which can be fished slowly in likely looking areas. The softness of the materials used means that the fly should pulsate and appear alive without much movement imparted by the angler. Rabbit strips are therefore ideal for predator flies both saltwater and freshwater.

The brands on offer from Lakeland Fly-Tying are premium quality skins and available in a wide variety of colours, either plain dyed or barred. The two toned barred zonker strips are great for giving the fly a much more natural variegated appearance. To build up a large mobile body the Crosscut strips are simple to use because the skins are soft tanned which makes them very easy to wind up the hook shank without a thick bulky hide.

The recipe

  1. For a simple "no frills" pike fly just tie in a length of barred zonker strip for a mobile tail followed by a crosscut strip wound as a body
  2. A piece of contrasting colour crosscut strip can be used to suggest a head or gills.
  3. Put on a pair of stick-on eyes if you wish or if you want a heavier fly a pair of dumbbell eyes to get the fly down a bit deeper.
  4. If you want to add a bit of flash just tie in some Ice Wing Fibre with the tail and trap in some more while winding the body strip up the hook shank.

Rabbit strip flies have also been a long time favourite of Alaskan salmon fisherman particularly in some of the brighter Fl Pink or Purple shades or a pale tan or pink for Flesh flies, deadly when fish are feeding on pieces of decaying flesh drifting in the current.

For the wide variety of rabbit strips available from Lakeland Fly-Tying please click here... 

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