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How to tie a Peach Doll

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The Peach Doll The Peach Doll

The Peach Doll was THE pattern for the 1984/85 season on the UK reservoirs Grafham and Rutland . When fished quickly under the surface on a floating or intermediate line it will often get fish bow waking after it. The white version will sometime work well when stripped quickly across the path of caenis or fry feeding fish. You could of course tie it with a lead underbody if you wanted a deep sinking version.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Wet fly hooks 10-12

Peach Wool



Step 1.


Start the tying thread on the hook shank just behind the eye stopping at a point just above the hook point. Take a 75mm piece of wool and fold it in half and trap it on top of the hook shank with 3-4 turns of thread. Leave a tail of wool about 15mm beyond the hook bend.



Step 2.


With the thread wound back up to just behind the eye, tie in another longer piece of wool with 2-3 turns of thread. Wind the wool away from you down towards the hook bend.



Step 3.


Wind the wool back up towards the eye and tie in firmly with 2-3 turns of thread.


Step 4.


Take the 2 strands of wool that face up the shank from the bend and pull them over the back towards the eye and tie down firmly with 3-4 turns of thread.


Step 5.


Trim away the waste wool and apply a few more firm turns of thread.


Step 6.


Whip finish and apply varnish to the head.



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