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How to tie a Gold Bead Hares Ear

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Gold Bead Hares Ear Gold Bead Hares Ear

Bead head flies have been popular and widely used in Central Europe for a lot longer than the UK. The success of Goldheads has now spread worldwide with many tried and trusted old favourites receiving the addition of a gold or silver metal bead at the head. Trout, grayling, salmon and seatrout have all fallen prey to its use. They can be really deadly on rivers where nymphing is allowed. Even dry flies have been given the Gold Bead treatment nowadays! ie: Gold bead Daddy Longlegs.


Materials needed

Tying thread

Wet fly hooks10-12

Gold bead

Hares fur

Fine oval gold tinsel



Step 1.


Thread a bead onto the hook and place in the vice



Step 2.


Start the tying thread behind the bead and tie in the ribbing material and bind it down along the hook shank to the bend


Step 3.


Dub the thread with some hares fur and wind forward towards the bead.


Step 4.


Wind the ribbing material towards the eye in open turns, tie off and trim away the waste.


Step 5.


Dub on a small amount of longer hares fur and wind on to hide the rib tie off point.


Step 6.


Do a whip finish behind the bead.



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