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How to tie a Shipmans Buzzer

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Shipmans Buzzer Shipmans Buzzer

This pattern that was made popular by Dave Shipman is designed to imitate midge pupa in the final stages of hatching before taking flight. Treated with a small amount of floatant and fished dry on a floating line the white breather filaments are a useful sighter. A more recent version uses CDC feathers in place of the wool. Vary the colour of the body material to match the colour of the naturals where you fish.


Materials needed

Tying Thread

Lightweight hooks 10-12

White nylon wool or Antron Yarn

Medium flat Pearl Tinsel

Seals Fur Substitute



Step 1.


With the hook shank covered in tying thread tie in the Antron yarn or wool and bind it down along the hook shank, trim it at the tail end to around 5-6mm.Do not trim the forward section yet. Return the thread to just behind the eye.



Step 2.


Tie in a length of flat pearl Mylar tinsel and bind it down the hook shank.



Step 3.


Now dub the thread with seals fur substitute.



Step 4.


Wind the dubbed thread back up the shank to form an even slim body.



Step 5.


Take the length of pearl Mylar tinsel and wind it up the body in even open turns. Tie off and trim away the waste.


Step 6.


Dub a pinch of fur onto the thread and dub over the Mylar tie in point.



Step 7.


Carry the thread forward and UNDER the breather material, this is why it was best not to trim them to length earlier, then do a whip finish and apply a small drop of varnish to the head.



Step 8.


Trim the front breather yarn to about 5-6 mm long.



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