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How to tie a Soldier Palmer

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Soldier Palmer Soldier Palmer

The obscure origins of this fly go back many centuries, some say that the name comes from the English Army Redcoats. A truly great fly for the top dropper position when drifting loch-style. As with any popular fly many variants exist, Fl. Orange seals sub for the body, Fl. Tags etc.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Wet Fly hooks 10-12

Glo-Brite Floss

Fine Oval gold tinsel

Red Seals fur substitute

Red Game Cock Hackles



Step 1.


Tie in 5-6 strands of the Glo-Brite Floss and tie down along the hook shank. Return the thread to just behind the eye.


Step 2.


Tie in the ribbing material and tie it down the shank as far as the hook bend.



Step 3.


Take a small pinch of seals fur substitute and dub it onto the thread in a rolling motion between the thumb and forefinger whilst keeping the thread taut with the bobbin holder in the other hand.

Tip; Only roll the fur in one direction as rolling it to and fro will cause it to detach itself    from the thread.


Step 4.


Wind the dubbed thread to just behind the eye.


Step 5.


Take a Red Game cock hackle with a fibre length roughly 11/2 times the hook gape. Remove the soft fibres at the base and tie in, clip the hackle pliers to the tip. Wind this hackle down towards the bend in open turns and leave it hanging with the hackle pliers.



Step 6.


Now wind the rib up the shank in open turns towards the eye trapping in the body hackle as you go. Trim away the waste hackle tip and ribbing.




Step 7.


Tie in just behind the eye another hackle with fibres roughly twice the hook gape and wind on 2-3 turns. Tie in firmly and trim away the waste hackle tip before finishing the fly with a whip finish and carefully varnishing the head.


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