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How to tie a simple White lure

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    White lure - fly tying instructions White lure - fly tying instructions

This simple all white lure can be a useful pattern towards the end of the season when trout turn their attention to feeding on fry.

Fished sink and draw style in the reservoir margins around weed beds it can be deadly. When fishing reservoir margins don’t be in a hurry to lift off to recast as often the fish will follow the fly right into the shallows.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Long shank hooks 10-12

Fine lead wire

White Marabou

Pearl Krystal Flash

Pearl Cactus Chenille



Step 1.


Wrap the hook shank with touching turns of lead wire and apply a small amount of superglue.

Tip; Remember to leave enough room at either end to tie in the tail and wing.


Step 2.


Tie in the thread and wind down towards the bend.


Step 3.


Tie in a tail of white marabou fibres, if the tail is too long it can be pinched shorter between the thumb and forefinger.

Tip; Never use scissors as it gives a blunt crude looking finish.


Step 4.


Tie in a couple of lengths of Pearl Krystal Hair by their mid points and fold back over before tying in firmly.


Step 5.


Take a length of Pearl Cactus Chenille and expose the core before tying in. Take the thread to just behind the eye.


Step 6.


Wind the chenille up the hook shank in touching turns. Tie in and trim away the waste.



Step 7.


Tie in another bunch of the white marabou for the wing and trim away the waste.



Step 8.


Tie in another couple of strands of Pearl Krystal Hair by their midpoints and then fold them back over the wing before tying down.



Step 9.


Complete the fly with a whip finish and varnish the head.



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