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Success of the “Ginger Minger”

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The "Ginger Minger" The "Ginger Minger"

The success of the "Ginger Minger" continues.....

The success of the “Ginger Minger” continues with the Carp not seeming to wise up to it as quickly as they did to the natural Deer Hair original that it replaced. One slight change I’ve made is to tie them on slightly lighter weight barbless hooks sizes 8-10, this has had very little impact on catch rates provided the line is kept taught during the fight. I’ve also shortened my leader of 8lb fluorocarbon or 9lb co-polymer down to around 3’ long as I’m sure the Carp’s area of vision when feeding at the surface must be fairly limited, and the added benefits of the shorter leader are that it turns over better in the recent windy weather and makes it easier to fire the cast under overhanging trees. When carp splash at the fly without taking I will often leave it to drift just in the surface for a few minutes knowing that fish are in the general area, this has sometimes resulted in really arm wrenching takes. In the recent hot weather I’ve found that the Carp have been behaving very much like Trout, reluctant to rise during the brightest periods but as soon as the slightest cloud cover appears they will rise and take the “fly” well, and just like trout they will often cease to rise when the surface temperature of the breeze drops. The best carp so far has been a 15lb 8oz Mirror from a short evening session at a local lake on the redesigned “Ginger Minger”.


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