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How to tie a Montana variant

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How to tie a Montana variant

There can be very few stillwater fishermen who at some time or another have not fished with or had in their boxes a Montana Nymph. An import from the USA where it’s known as the Montana Stone because it is tied to represent a large bottom dwelling stonefly nymph. This nymph is hugely popular and has spawned many variations both in materials used and size. A floating line and long leader used on stillwater’s can give great sport throughout the season.

 Materials needed

Tying thread

 Lead wire

 Long shank hooks 10-12

 Black cock hackles

 Black chenille

 Seal fur substitute





Step 1.


Wind an underbody of lead wire leaving enough space to tie in the tail.

Start the tying thread and wind to the tail.

Tie in a pair of black cock hackle tips and trim off the waste.



Step 2.


Prepare a length of black chenille by exposing the core at one end.

Tie in the chenille and wind to just behind the thorax area, make sure it’s tied off on top of the hook shank leaving the waste end free. Do not trim.



Step 3.


Tie in a softish black cock hackle at the chenille tie off point.



Step 4.


Dub the tying thread with seals fur substitute and wind towards the eye.



Step 5.


Wind the hackle forwards in open turns and tie off and trim away waste stalk.



Step 6.


Take the piece of loose chenille and pull it forward to create a thorax cover, tie in firmly and trim away the waste before doing a whip finish and varnishing the head.


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