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How to tie a Shuttlecock CDC

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Shuttlecock buzzer Shuttlecock buzzer

One of the most innovative flies in recent years, this simple creation originally called “The Perky” after its creator Clive Perkins focused attention on the use of CDC (Cul de Canard) feathers for dry flies. These naturally buoyant feathers require no treatment to float so are ideal for the forward facing wing of this emerging buzzer pattern, the body of the fly remains below the surface in a realistic hatching attitude. Try colour variations to suit whatever is hatching.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Lightweight hooks12

Fine flat pearl tinsel

Hares fur

Red  seals fur sub

Natural CDC feathers




Step 1.

Place the hook in the vice and start the thread behind the eye. Tie in the fine oval tinsel rib and secure it as far as the bend.


Step 2.

Dub on some fine hares fur and wind a slim body back up the shank leaving enough space for the thorax.


Step 3.

Wind the rib back up the shank in even open turns to where the fur finishes. Tie off and trim away the waste.


Step 4.

Select 3-4 CDC feathers, making sure that they are long enough to form a thorax cover and a forward facing wing. Tie these in facing the bend  

Step 5.

Dub the thread sparsely with the red seals fur substitute and form a slim thorax.


Step 6.

Pull the CDC feathers forward over the thorax and tie in firmly then lift the wing up slightly and complete the fly with a whip finish in front of the wing. When applying a spot of varnish to the whip finish be careful not to get any on the wing.

Tip; When fishing don’t treat CDC flies with floatants.


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