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How to tie a Superglue Buzzer

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Superglue Buzzer Superglue Buzzer

Midge pupa can form a large part of the trout’s diet so it pays to carry some good imitations with you. The Superglue buzzer is a very realistic offering both in lack of bulk and slim quick sinking profile. This is achieved by using tying thread for the body rather than floss or fur and applying a thin layer of Superglue and varnish to the finished fly to give it a distinct sheen. It makes an excellent midge pupa offering when trout are following the naturals up to the surface from the lake bed.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Wet fly hooks 10-12

Med Flat Pear Mylar tinsel

Fl. Orange floss




Step 1.


Put the hook in the vice and start the thread behind the eye, the tie in the flat pearl Mylar tinsel and continue to wind the thread down towards the hook bend and then back up towards what will be the thorax area.


Step 2.


Wind the Pearl Mylar rib forward in open turns up to the thorax area, tie in firmly and trim away the waste piece.


Step 3.


Tie in 2 lengths of Fl.Orange floss either side of the thorax area and build a small slim thorax with the tying thread.



Step 4.


Bring the strands of floss forward and tie in firmly before trimming away the waste ends and covering over the cut ends with tying thread. Finish with a whip finish.


Step 5.


Apply a thin layer of Superglue with a dubbing needle and allow to dry thoroughly.

Tip; If you want a higher gloss finish, apply a thin coating of clear varnish and allow to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before use.




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