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How to tie a Woolly Bugger

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Woolly Bugger Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger could be regarded as a lure fisherman’s “Nymph” as it can be fished fast as an attractor in stillwater’s or slowly in a river allowing the sinuous marabou tail to undulate in the current maybe imitating a leech. Tied in gaudy pinks and purples it can be deadly for King Salmon. The black version listed here but with the addition of a couple of turns of pink or orange chenille behind the eye turns it into an Egg Sucking Leech.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Long shank hooks10-12

Lead wire

Black marabou

Pearl Krystal flash

Black Cactus chenille

Fine oval silver tinsel

Black cock hackle



Step 1.

Secure a long shank hook in the vice and wind an underbody of lead wire. Start the thread and wind towards the bend whilst tying in a bunch of marabou for the tail and trimming away the waste ends


Step 2.

Tie in a few strands of Krystal flash and tie down along the hook shank.


Step 3.

Return the thread to just behind the eye and tie in the ribbing material down the hook shank.


Step 4.

Tie in a piece of cactus chenille and wind the thread back up to just behind the eye.


Step 5.

Wind the Cactus chenille up the shank, tie off and trim away the waste.


Step 6.

Tie in a softish cock hackle at the head and wind it in open turns down towards the bend.


Step 7.

Now take the ribbing material and wind it back up the shank towards the eye, trapping the body hackle. Tie off firmly and trim away the waste hackle tip and excess rib.


Step 8.

Tie in another hackle and wind a couple more turns, tie in firmly and trim away waste before doing a whip finish and varnishing the head.


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