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How to tie a Crazy Charlie

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Crazy Charlie Crazy Charlie

This fly was originally called the “Nasty Charlie” and it should be in every saltwater fly fisher’s collection when targeting Bonefish. The key to the success of the Crazy Charlie is the way the it fishes hook point up because the dumbbell eyes tied on top of the hook shank ensure the fly always lands that way up. Fished in long slow strips with a pause in between the fly will kick up small puffs of sand which imitate a fleeing crab or shrimp.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Saltwater hook 4-6

Clear magic glass

Dumbbell eyes

Tan calf tail

Pearl Krystal flash



Step 1.


Start the thread just behind the eye and tie in the Magic Glass body material and bind down the hook shank to the bend. Return the thread to just behind the eye.



Step 2.


Apply a small amount of superglue to the shank and wind the Magic Glass convex side outermost up towards the eye in touching turns. Remember to leave enough room to tie in the dumbbell eyes and wing. Tie off firmly and remove the waste.



Step 3.


Reverse the hook in the vice and firmly tie in the calf tail wing, trim away any waste and apply a little superglue with a dubbing needle.



Step 4.


Tie in a few strands of Krystal flash on top of the wing extending slightly longer than the calf tail.


Step 5.


Tie in a pair of dumbbell eyes on top of the hook shank, for extra security apply a little superglue with a dubbing needle before doing a whip finish and varnishing the head.



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