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How to tie a Peeping Caddis

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Peeping Caddis Peeping Caddis

This fly is a slight variation of the well known Dutch tier Hans van Klinken’s Leadhead Nymph. The difference is in the method of representing the caddis head emerging from its case, this one uses a short piece of Fl. Pink suede chenille instead of Hans’s Fl. Lime green wool wound as a butt. An excellent river pattern for Trout, Grayling and even Chub. With the Fl. Pink it is very effective if the river is coloured up.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Long shank hooks 8-10-12

BB Split shot

Mono line

Suede chenille White or Pink

Fine copper wire

Course hares fur

Peacock Glister

Brown/Grey partridge



Step 1.


Pinch and superglue the split shot to the centre of a 100mm long piece of mono line.


Step 2.


Place the hook in the vice and start the thread behind the eye and tie in the mono with split shot on top of the shank by bending both ends of the mono towards the hook bend.


Step 3.


Take a short length of suede chenille and seal the end with a flame and tie in projecting over the hook bend.



Step 4.


Take the partridge hackle and tie it in by its tip and wind a couple of turns, tie off and trim away the waste. Return the thread to behind the shot.



Step 5.


Tie in the wire for the ribbing and bind it down the shank towards the hackle.


Step 6.


Blend some hares fur and Glister together and place in a dubbing loop and spin to form a rope, wind this rope up the shank and tie in.



Step 7.


Wind the ribbing up the shank in open turns to behind the split shot, tie in firmly and trim away the waste.



Step 8.


Apply a pinch of dubbing to the thread and wind it on to hide the ribbing tie in point then tease out the body slightly with a dubbing needle. Pull the shot backwards to do a whip finish at the eye and apply a spot of varnish.


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