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How to tie a Willie Gunn

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Willie Gunn Willie Gunn

This salmon fly is named after the Head Keeper on the River Brora on the Sutherland Estate in Scotland. This is a fairly recent creation that can be tied on Salmon Single or Double hooks and various density tubes, even micro tubes that can be fished hitched and fast in the surface. A truly versatile fly for any time during the salmon season.

Materials needed

Tying thread

Salmon single or double

Black floss

Oval gold tinsel

Bucktail, Yellow, Orange, Black



Step 1.


Start the thread at the eye and continue down the shank and trap in a piece of fine oval gold tinsel and wind in touching turns to form the tag. Tie off firmly leaving the remaining tinsel for the rib. Take the thread back to the eye.



Step 2.


Tie in the black floss just behind the eye and bind down along the shank towards the bend.



Step 3.


Wind the floss in touching turns up to the eye.


Tip; Moisten the floss before winding with a small amount of saliva to prevent it fraying.



Step 4.


Wind the rib forwards in open even turns towards the eye then tie off and trim away the waste.


Step 5.


Blend together equal parts of the 3 colours of bucktail and even up the tips in a hair stacker.

Tie in the bucktail while spreading it evenly around the hook shank. Apply a small amount of clear varnish at the tie in point before applying more thread wraps then trim away any waste bucktail before whip finishing and varnishing the head.




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