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How to tie a Wingless Wickhams

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Wingless Wickhams Wingless Wickhams

The Wingless Wickhams is a marvellous general pattern that deserves a place in any position on a 3 fly cast whilst fishing loch style in a drifting boat. That old adage “Bright day, Bright fly” seems to ring true with this pattern. When trout are feeding on Sedge Pupa or Buzzers just subsurface it can be very effective. It’s even worth a cast towards the end of the season when trout are on the pin fry. There are many variants, some of which use Fl. Foss for the tail instead of the cock hackle fibres, such as the “Red Assed Wickhams”

Materials needed

Tying thread

Wet fly hooks 10-12

Med flat gold tinsel

Fine oval gold tinsel

Red game cock hackle




Step 1.


Start the thread just behind the eye and tie in a bunch of Red Game cock hackle fibres for the tail. Return thread to behind the eye. Leave space behind the eye for the hackles.



Step 2.


Tie in the fine oval tinsel for the rib and bind down along the shank, return the thread to behind the eye again.


Step 3.


Tie in the flat gold tinsel and wind down the shank and back up to the eye making sure the body is smooth with no gaps, tie off and trim the waste.


Step 4.


Select a cock hackle with fibres 11/2 - 2 the hook gape and tie in just back from the eye.



Step 5.


Wind the hackle in open turns towards the hook bend.



Step 6.


Wind the rib back up the shank trapping the body hackle, tie in firmly and trim away the waste rib and hackle tip.



Step 7.


Tie in another cock hackle with slightly longer fibres at the head and wind 2-3 turns. Tie in and trim away the waste hackle tip before doing a whip finish and varnishing the head.




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