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Flies tied with Nano Silk and Straggle String UV Flies tied with Nano Silk and Straggle String UV

I came across a couple of interesting products at the Spring Fly Fair from a company I had not heard of before, Semperfli. This company has taken a fresh look at tying materials, with an emphasis on small imitative flies. These products are specifically designed for fly tying and not a bi-product of the textile industry.

Nano Silk and Straggle String UV are both part of the new comprehensive fly tying range from Semperfli which is based around a colour matching system that has 2 colour chart cards so "matching the hatch" can be an easy and accurate process.

Nano Silk

Nano_silk_632330435.jpgThe guys on the Fly On stand were tying some superb emergers and Klinkhammer dries using an extremely fine tying thread that was amazingly strong for its size. It’s called Semperfli Nano Silk, this thread is made from GSP (Gel Spun Polyethylene) so it’s strong enough to even bend a hook, but this strength does not mean an increase in diameter, it really is super fine so there is very little build up of thread when tying complex patterns that may require multiple whip finishes during the flies construction or flies with very slim bodies. Its available in 8 different colours all designed to match and blend in with 140 colours of Semperfli Dubbing System. Another benefit of the fineness of the thread is that there is no need to varnish the whip finish at the head of the fly it just seems to “bed in” and form a nice tight smooth head behind the eye. The Copper colour Nano Silk just disappears into the dressing when used on flies tied with Hares Fur or Pheasant Tail, also because the thread is multi-stranded it can be split so that dubbing materials can be trapped in it to dub slim secure bodies or if you use the more conventional method of forming a dubbing loop there is no bulky thread build up either.

Straggle String UV

Straggle_String_515476623.jpg Up until now there has not been a very fine Fritz type material for incorporating into flies below about a size 14 without them looking like mini Blobs, not really the look you want when tying imitative patterns. The core material of Straggle String is very fine so it will absorb less water making it useful for even dry fly or Shuttlecock CDC’s thorax’s, also the Straggle UV fibres are not so densely packed on the core therefore avoiding the Blob look. When wound as a thorax it produces a subtle UV iridescence or if you want to make a “hot spot” there are a few bright fluorescent colours available, the Pink Ref SF8350 FL being ideal for Grayling flies. Straggle String UV is available in over 20 colours which like the Nano Silk integrate with the Semperfli Dubbing System with a reference number printed on the spool for easy colour matching.




Semperfli products are available from Game Fishing Supplies (Grommit)   http://ian-woods.co.uk/

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