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Fly Tying

Fulling Mill launch NEW Jungle Cock substitute

Fulling Mill have developed a super realistic Jungle Cock feather substitute , printed on special durable synthetic sheets offering a perfect alternative to the real feather. There are four sizes of feather image per sheet, each image being outline cut for consistency and convenience. ... Full story

Great Salmon Flies - Tying the Pompero

Finnish fly tying master and salmon angler Heikki Anttonen has built quite a reputation in his homeland around this particular fly which has accounted for over 500 salmon. So much so in fact that he also goes by the popular name of "Mr Pompero". ... Full story

The Ska-opper - a revolutionary Steelhead Popper

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters announces the availability of Skagit Master 2, Steelheading Outside the Box, featuring Scott Howell. Check inside for a 10 minute video clip featuring the Ska-opper... ... Full story

Impish Emergers

Paul Davis looks at a slightly obscure hide not often found in the fly tiers collection - African impala - perfect for hair wings on tiny emergers. ... Full story

Dry Flies Floating On Air

Author of Unsinkable Dry Flies, David Cowardin introduces us to his thoughts and trials regarding using bubbles of air to keep our dry flies floating. ... Full story

Hanging by a thread

Thread, silk, cotton whatever you call it, it is probably the most important part of a fly other than the hook. ... Full story

A tip worth its weight!

FDG Instructor Dr Paul Davis has a 'cunning plan'. Have you ever looked at your fly box and wondered which of your nymph patterns are weighted and which are unweighted yet look identical? ... Full story

Semperfli Products

I came across a couple of interesting products at the Spring Fly Fair from a company I had not heard of before, Semperfli. This company has taken a fresh look at tying materials, with an emphasis on small imitative flies. These products are specifically designed for fly tying and not a bi-product of the textile industry. ... Full story

Make your flies irresistible

Materials to enhance your predator flies ... Full story

How to tie a Wingless Wickhams

The Wingless Wickhams is a marvellous general pattern that deserves a place in any position on a 3 fly cast whilst fishing loch style in a drifting boat. That old adage “Bright day, Bright fly” seems to ring true with this pattern. When trout are feeding on Sedge Pupa or Buzzers just subsurface it can be very effective. It’s even worth a cast towards the end of the season when trout are on the pin fry. There are many variants, some of which use Fl. Foss for the tail instead of the cock hackle fibres, such as the “Red Assed Wickhams” ... Full story

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