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How to use a whip finish tool

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Fly Tying basics - How to use the whip finish tool Fly Tying basics - How to use the whip finish tool

This is a short tutorial on how to use a whip finish tool to form a small neat head on a fly

Using a Whip Finish tool (right handed tiers ! )

Step 1.

With the tying thread held taut by the bobbin holder in the Left hand and the Whip Finish tool held vertically in the Right hand, place the tool so that the smaller hooked end is BEHIND the thread and the larger sprung curved end is in FRONT of the thread.


Step 2.  

Tilt the tool towards yourself and hook the smaller tool end around the thread.


Step 3.   

 With the Left hand, bring the thread UP under and into the larger hooked end.


Step 4. 

With the thread held taut move the Left hand to the left and rotate the tool in the Right hand away from you whilst moving the right hand upwards.


Step 5.   

Continue with the rotation of the tool in the Right hand whilst moving the Left hand up towards the hook shank, the thread from the bobbin holder in the Left hand should be in FRONT of the thread hanging from the head of the fly.


Step 6.   

Keeping the thread under tension with both hands, continue to move the Right hand up so that the shaft of the Whip Finish Tool is parallel to the hook shank, the thread from the bobbin holder should also be in that position.


Step 7.   

Still keeping the thread under tension, with the Right hand rotate the Whip Finish Tool so that it wraps a few turns firmly around the head of the fly.


Step 8.   

Angle the tool slightly towards you and release the smaller hooked end from the thread making sure tension on the thread is maintained with the Left hand.



Step 9.  

Move the Left hand to the left keeping the thread under tension which will reduce the size of the loop of thread formed between the head of the fly and the larger hooked end of the Whip Finish Tool.


Step 10.

When this loop has pulled the tool tight towards the fly head slowly slide the tool out of the loop whilst pulling the thread tight with the Left hand to complete the process.


Step 11.Cut the remaining thread from the bobbin holder.

Practice on a bare hook several times to get used to the process.

Tip: Make sure that the thread is under tension at all times


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