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Make your flies irresistible

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The latest materials really can enhance your fly-tying. The latest materials really can enhance your fly-tying.

Materials to enhance your predator flies

When fly fishing for saltwater or freshwater predator species visibility and movement are key trigger points to incorporate in your fly. Eyes are a well documented attractive element in a lure or fly ie; the GP Tippets in a General Practitioner to represent the dark eyes of a prawn or shrimp, self adhesive stick on eyes on a Lefty’s Deceiver to imitate a frightened baitfish or Jungle Cock eyes on Nymphs and Wet flies. All of these provide an aiming point for the predator.

The movement element can be incorporated by using soft flexible tying materials to provide physical movement or flashy prismatic materials that not only move but also suggest movement even when the fly is stationary by the way that they can reflect light from different angles. With a small amount of flash built into a fly it easily replicates the natural shiny nature of a prey baitfish to its attacker. There are 2 useful materials available that fit the needs of a tier of these predator flies.

Firstly, to imitate the eyes of a baitfish there are self adhesive Holographic eyes in various sizes, colours and shapes, there is no need to paint eyes on your flies now and wait for them to dry. Whatever type of eyes you use it pays to coat them with a thin layer of 2 part clear epoxy. The 3D adhesive eyes in Super Pearl are translucent so that the underlying colour of the fly head shows through, these 3D eyes are produced in Gold, Red, Silver, Super Pearl and Yellow Chartreuse.

Secondly, to give a fly a bit of “flash” there are all manner of silver, gold and pearly Mylar, tinsels available nowadays, but one that really stands out is Lateral Scale from Hedron Inc. USA who are the producers of the original Flashabou. Lateral Scale is a pearl Flashabou type material that is roughly 2mm wide and has a slight embossed corrugation along the length of each strand, these corrugations ensure that it catches and reflects light from all angles making it ideal when imitating the flanks of a baitfish. Lateral scale is produced in Pearl, Black, Yellow, Dark Blue, Pink and Orange.


Both these materials are available from Lakeland Fly-Tying.

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