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Tying hints and tips

Impish Emergers

Paul Davis looks at a slightly obscure hide not often found in the fly tiers collection - African impala - perfect for hair wings on tiny emergers. ... Full story

Dry Flies Floating On Air

Author of Unsinkable Dry Flies, David Cowardin introduces us to his thoughts and trials regarding using bubbles of air to keep our dry flies floating. ... Full story

Hanging by a thread

Thread, silk, cotton whatever you call it, it is probably the most important part of a fly other than the hook. ... Full story

A tip worth its weight!

FDG Instructor Dr Paul Davis has a 'cunning plan'. Have you ever looked at your fly box and wondered which of your nymph patterns are weighted and which are unweighted yet look identical? ... Full story

Make your flies irresistible

Materials to enhance your predator flies ... Full story

How to use a whip finish tool

This is a short tutorial on how to use a whip finish tool to form a small neat head on a fly ... Full story

How to secure fly tying thread to the hook shank

This is a short tutorial to show how to securely start the tying thread on the hookshank aimed at fly tying beginners ... Full story

Introduction to the basic tools of fly tying

If you are just getting started or considering beginning tying your own flies it can be a bit daunting sifting through all the different tools and other items on offer. Our fly tying editor Simon Young shows you the basic fly tying tool selection that is needed in addition to a vice to get you up and running. ... Full story

Fur and Skin preparation for Fly Tying

By Simon YoungIf you tie flies using body fur from Hare, Rabbit, Squirrel or similar, it pays to prepare the whole skin before use. This ... Full story

Download fly tying patterns from Steve Thornton online!

New Downloads from Steve Thornton's flytying books added to the website ... Full story

Beginners Fly Tying Course - Fly 1 - The Shipmans Buzzer

Materials Hook - Kamasan B400 Trout Emerger or equivalent Thread - Brown Rib - Pearl Mylar #14 Body - Golden Olive/Light ... Full story

Beginners Fly Tying Course - The Basics - Part 2!

As promised, we now bring you the final part of Brian's introduction to the basic tools you need to tie flies and he also moves ... Full story

Beginners Fly Tying series launched today!

Thanks for joining us for this first part of the Beginners Fly Tying Series. Instructor, Brian McGregor will introducing you to the 4 basic types ... Full story

Tubes and coneheads

by Terry Lawton Tube flies have long been popular for fishing for salmon and they have been joined recently by coneheads. But ... Full story

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