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Salmon flyfishing: It's a temperature thing.

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Late spring, with its welcome rise in temperature, is now the time to fish with a floating line and small flies for salmon. But we ask what size is best?

It has been long accepted in salmon fishing (and demonstrated) that temperature of the water  gives us a very good clue to the size of fly we should be using. Yet few of us carry a thermometer to the river? Fortunately many ghillies do and the water & air temperatures are the first questions we should ask.

Here is the Fish&Fly guide to water temperature/fly hook size:

Water Temperature      Fly Hook Size
Below 42F   Sinking lines and tube flies. 
1.5in to 3in
  Size 2
  Size 4
  Size 6
  Size 8
  Size 10
  Size 12
Over 65F 
  Size 14 (or golf)

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