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Does changing rods rings require a change in casting technique?

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I have a Daiwa Amorphous 16' Speycaster. It casts well with the thinner sinking lines but the thicker floaters don't seem to slide through the rings so easily. I thought about replacing the intermediates with American-style snake rings to aid casting. Will this affect the action and if so will a change in casting technique assist? Des Bellamy

Before you re-ring your rod, we would recommend that you give your lines a thorough clean. You can either wash them with soap (not detergent) and warm water, or use a proprietary line cleaner. Clean lines will always cast better. You might also like to apply something like Loon Line Speed or a similar line treatment. Depending on the make of your line(s), there may be suitable treatments made by the same manufacturer.

It is unlikely that you would notice any change in your rod's action if you do replace the existing rings. If you do decide to replace them, you should consider increasing the size of the stripping ring, perhaps adding a second lined guide and then fitting bigger guides than the ones you replace. Also check that the tip ring is not badly worn.

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