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Using an 8'6" rod for sea trout fishing

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I am new to fly-fishing, I recently bought an 8'6' Greyflex 4/5 fitted with a wf 5 line. I will be doing the bulk of my fishing this year on small rivers in the weald of Kent/Sussex where I find that this outfit is just fine. However, in August I will be staying at Bantham, south Devon, right on the River Avon. I am sure that my current outfit will be fine for the river, but I also would like to have a go for sea-trout. I have two questions: 1. Can my little outfit handle the bigger flies required for sea-trout? and less vitally: 2. Does anyone know what the best type of waders is for this river? Jason Jones

If you catch a fresh-run, lively sea trout on your 4/5# rod, you will have a fight on your hands. Although not ideal. you should be able to manage for a holiday. In general, the bigger the fly the thicker the tippet. This is true if you are fishing size 10 Mayflies or sea trout flies. I would suggest that you consider using a 6 or 8lb tippet which will keep everything balanced and help the leader to turn-over properly, as well as being strong enough for a 3lb+ sea trout.

As to waders, if you can afford it and anticipate using them fairly frequently, invest in a pair of breathable chest waders - they are so much nicer to wear than anything else. If you buy stocking feet waders, you can use felt-soled wading boots when fishing rivers with rocky bottoms and a cheap pair of walking boots on rivers where the bottom is gravel or silt or mud. Felt soles, with or without studs, are essential for rocky, fast flowing rivers - rubber and rocks DO NOT mix! If you are buying waders for a one-off trip, buy something cheap with felt soles. Waist waders will get you that bit deeper than thigh boots.

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